I used to hunt and peck out stories (and unsolicited school reports) on this clunky old 1940s Underwood typrewriter when I was in elementary school. Most of those creations have been lost to time, but I do still have one of the first “books” I ever wrote – The Mouse Who Didn’t Believe in Santa Clause. I was so proud of this book because I typed it (of course), I drew all the illustrations, and my 5th grade Reading teacher, Miss Will, gave me an A+ and said it should be in print. That sort of thing means a lot to a kid who wants to have a real book published one day. I was reminded of this because of this interview snippet I saw with Lin-Manuel Miranda and the 8th grade teacher who told him he should be writing musicals.


Anyway, click here – TheMouseWhoDidntBelieveInSantaClause – if you want to read it. And thanks for the encouragement, Miss Will, wherever you are!